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What a waste!

My wife and I have been travelling a lot lately and hence going crazy with all the arrangements and shopping to be done. One of the biggest rescuers were Amazon, Myntra and others. Click, click, receive. Click, click, send back. Busy lives, simple solutions.

Two nights ago we ordered a travel adaptor and it came yesterday morning, super fast we thought. It was nicely wrapped in a thick plastic bag and thick cardboard, though in seconds, both went into the bin. I wondered what a colossal waste of paper and plastic I had created from a small item. Is there a way to prevent all this wastage?

I’m not really sure there is!

Our lives are so busy and there are so many easy options. Where would I find a shop big enough to have everything I need but not spend hours in traffic. And then discounts?! Online shops provide free delivery, 25% off, vouchers, subscriptions, credit card benefits and so on…

So click, click just seems easier.

Click, click, recieve… Click, click, send.

And what do we do with all the cardboard and plastic? Recycle! Let someone else deal with the mess! There is a big industry engaged in making everything from cups to tyres to roads from all the waste we create. And it works well too.

But it just seems inefficient to create all this waste and then recycle it. Technology has brought comfort and ease, much, much, more than before. But time, effort and money…? With all the technology, unfortunately we still waste a lot of all the three!

While we can create immeasurable amount of money, there is limited time for most of us. So which one do we save and which one can we afford to waste?!

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