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Mumbai Medical Services – Covid-19, May-June-July 2020

Mumbai Medical Services – Covid-19, May-June-July 2020

We have setup a helpline number 02248971117 for those who need to see a doctor urgently.

Unfortunately many hospitals are shut down right now. And the situation keeps changing everyday.

Those doctors who are working in this current scenario may be able to guide you to the best place they can see and treat you right now. Hence this directory service will help you connect to such doctors who are available within your area. This service will be available 24×7 for the months of May, June and July 2020.

You can call our helpline number 02248971117 and speak to a doctor who will understand your needs and connect you to a suitable specialist doctor. If the specialist doctor accepts, you will then be given their details.

In certain instances, video consultations and home visits may be available. If you wish for these then please specify so.

This service is currently free of cost. You may send us feedback if you wish to donate for this cause.

This is not a replacement for emergency medical care and you must proceed to the nearest hospital immediately if you do not have the time for our doctor to find you a suitable specialist. 

Disclaimer: We do not charge the specialist doctors any fee for maintaining their name on this directory. Neither do we receive any gifts or donations from such doctors. We are also not responsible for the care you get from any of the specialist doctors as we are a directory service.

You can leave your feedback by filling this form



Doctors willing to work during this time, please leave your details here



4 Responses

  1. One side of picture is people lined up for bottle of whiskey in such critical time.on the other side there are such doctores who take care of us in such critical time free of cost at such critical time hat’s off to them ???

    1. Many thanks for your kind words.

      Please help us reach more people by sharing this blog on social media.

      Best wishes

      Dr. Kant Shah

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