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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic or Key-hole or Minimal Access surgery

Laparoscopic or Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is an alternative method of doing a surgery through 3 or 4 key-holes made into a body cavity though which a tiny camera and some tiny instruments are inserted to perform the operation.

How is Laparoscopic surgery done?

Using small cuts, 5 millimeters (sometimes 3 millimeters) into the abdomen or chest, a small rod like camera is inserted with a few (2-3) rod like instruments. At the ends of these thin rod like instruments are Jaws which open and close. They can be scissors, forceps, grasper etc. By watching a live relay on a high definition (HD) monitor, the surgeon can operate inside the body cavity.

Is Laparoscopic surgery less painful?

Yes. The overall pain is much lesser after Laparoscopic surgery and the recovery is much faster due to small cuts which heal fast. Also the anaesthetists can give specific nerve blocks to minimise pain from these cuts.

Is Laparoscopic surgery more expensive?

Yes and No. Yes the surgery itself is more expensive due to the equipment needed but it reduces the overall stay significantly and hence the cost is almost the same. If we account for the faster recovery, the overall cost is cheaper and well worth it.

Is Laparoscopic surgery available for children?

Yes. In fact almost all simple and complex surgeries can be done by laparoscopy in children due to the availability of high definition (HD) imaging systems and tiny (5 or 3 mm) instruments.

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