Mumbai Medical Services – Covid-19, May-June-July 2020

Mumbai Medical Services – Covid-19, May-June-July 2020 We have setup a helpline number 02248971117 for those who need to see a doctor urgently. Unfortunately many hospitals are shut down right now. And the situation keeps changing everyday. Those doctors who are working in this current scenario may be able to guide you to the best […]

A poem for my dear ones #Covid-19

For Rajiv, Ansari sir, Ranjit, Ujjwala, Manish, na and all dear friends and staff fighting Covid-19 When soldiers fight They don’t think of what is right They know they have to do this Or else the enemy wins Such is the strength in them They do this every single day No rain, no storm, no […]

Response to Shri Narayana Murthy jee #lockdown #Covid-19

Dear Shree Narayana Murthy jee, It is with humility that I write to an accomplished person such as you who has always put the benefits of people above his own. I have no doubt that your comments in the recent interview to The Economic Times must have been well thought out and maybe I have […]

Unlocking the lockdown

Well. Here we are. In lockdown. Practicing social distancing. But at some point we all need to move out. Not just for economic activity but for physical and mental well being. For healthcare. For recreation. As a race we have grown inwardly and physically distant to each other connected mainly by the internet to people […]

Robotic Surgery

We are proud to be one of the few centres in the country to provide the latest cutting edge technology in surgery – Robotic assistance – for children. What is Robotic surgery? Robotic surgery means ‘keyhole’ or ‘minimal access’ surgery using the help of a Robot. The Robot has tiny arms, the ends of which […]

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic or Key-hole or Minimal Access surgery Laparoscopic or Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is an alternative method of doing a surgery through 3 or 4 key-holes made into a body cavity though which a tiny camera and some tiny instruments are inserted to perform the operation. How is Laparoscopic surgery done? Using small cuts, 5 […]

Fasting guidelines

Here are the fasting guidelines for your child before the surgery : 1. Infants less than 6 months old Stop top milk / formula milk 4 hours before the time of surgery Stop breast milk 3 hours before the time of surgery 2. Children aged 6 months to 2 years Stop food, top milk / […]

Mediclaim and Insurance

Healthcare insurance or ‘mediclaim’ is an important method of paying for your child’s surgery. There are many pointers such as grade of surgery, class of admission, nature of surgery etc that you need to look at while claiming insurance. Before you decide on the hospital where your child will be operated upon, here are a […]


dr. Kant Shah

Dr. Kant Shah completed his medical graduation from Mumbai and then trained in England for 6 years. There he trained in general surgery (Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh), paediatrics, neonatology and then paediatric surgery. He then returned to India and trained further in Paediatric Surgery in Sangli where he attained the D.N.B. […]

Surgical care of Tumours

Tumours are uncommon in children. However in children, tumours are often malignant or cancerous, grow to a large size before presentation and can make the child very sick. Hence it is important to get an accurate diagnosis right when the tumour is found. A tumour simply means a lump or a growth. it may be […]