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Dr. Kant Shah


Dr. Kant Shah is a specialist surgeon for children with an experience of 16 years in the field of Paediatric Surgery. He has worked in the UK for six years in prestigious hospitals such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Children’s Hospital, Oxford (CHOX). After training in Paediatric Surgery, he completed a fellowship in Paediatric Oncosurgery at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and then at Sir J. J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai for learning Advanced Paediatric Uro-surgery and Paediatric Laparoscopy. In 2018, he went to ORSI, Belgium, the largest training centre for Robotic Surgery and was certified as a Paediatric Robotic Surgeon.

He is passionate in improving the care of children who need surgery by using all the available advances in medical sciences to improve the long-term outcomes of children with complex congenital anomalies.


  • M.B.B.S. (Mumbai), M.R.C.S. Edinburgh, D.N.B. Paediatric Surgery
  • Distinctions: Microbiology – 2nd year M.B.B.S., Ophthalmology – 3rd Year M.B.B.S.
  • Scholarships: Sir Ratan Tata Trust Scholarship and J.R.D. Tata Trust Scholarship,
Areas of Interest
  • Paediatric Hepato-biliary surgery for
    • Obstructive Jaundice – Biliary Atresia, Choledochal cyst, CBD and Gall stones
    • Liver resections – cysts, tumours, haemangiomas
    • Pancreatic surgery – cysts, tumours
    • Splenectomy – haematological and other diseases
  • Paediatric Onco-surgery
    • Wilm’s and other kidney tumours
    • Neuroblastoma & Ganglioneuroma
    • Germ Cell Tumours (GCTs) and Teratomas
    • Hepatoblastoma, HCC and other liver tumours
  • Paediatric & Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Acute appendicitis – simple and perforated
    • Laparoscopic Hernia repair
    • Laparoscopic Orchidopexy
    • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty for PUJO
    • Pneumo-vesicoscopic Ureteric Reimplantation for Vesico-ureteric Reflux (VUR)
    • Thoracoscopic Diaphragmatic hernia repair for CDH
    • Thoracoscopic Lung surgery such as Lobectomy for Congenital anomalies
    • Thoracoscopic Oesophageal surgery for Cysts, Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula
  • Oesophageal replacement etc
    • Laparoscopic Resection & Anastomosis of intestine for various conditions
    • Laparoscopic Ladd’s procedure for Malrotation of Mid-Gut and Volvulus
  • Advanced Reconstructive Surgeries in Children
    • Complex Hypospadias repair
    • Oesophageal replacement for stricture or atresia
    • Bladder sling, augmentation etc. for neurogenic bladder
Specialist training
  • Paediatric Robotic Urology course, ORSI Academy, Belgium, 2018
  • Advanced Minimal Access Paediatric Urology Course, CEMAST, Mumbai, 2016
  • Comprehensive Laparoscopic Paediatric Surgery Course, CEMAST, Mumbai, 2013
  • Newborn Life Support (NLS), Birmingham, 2007
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Northumberland, 2006
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS), Birmingham, 2006
  • Outcomes of modified Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty for pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction in children.
  • Investigator for Oesophageal Atresia study group of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons – Congenita Anomalies Surveillance System (BAPS-CASS).
  • High Resolution Electron Microscopy (HREM) and MRI of Mouse Embryos studying Tracheo-Oesophageal anomalies of KO mice Supervisor: Dr. Shoumo Bhattacharya, Oxford University.
  • Audit of paediatric surgical cases presenting at a voluntary health setup in a tribal area, Gadhchiroli, 2013
  • Audit of Video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) debridement of empyema in children atBirmingham Children’s Hospital, 2006
Work Experience
  • Birmingham Children’s hospital, UK
  • Oxford children’s hospital, UK
  • SJKC Trust’s Paediatric Surgery Centre & PG Institute, Sangli
  • Tata memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • JJ hospital, Mumbai
Case series

Contemporary management and outcomes for infants born with oesophageal atresia. Burge DM, Shah K, Spark P, Shenker N, Pierce M, Kurinczuk JJ, Draper ES, Johnson PR,
Knight M; British Association of Paediatric Surgeons Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System (BAPS-CASS). Br J Surg. 2013 Mar;100(4):515-21.

Book Chapter

Bone Tumours. Shah K, Lakhoo K Paediatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Text for Africa. Eds. Global Help Organisation, Seattle, USA 2012 Also now second edition 2015.

Case series

Efficacy of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in managing childhood empyema: a large single-centre study. Bishay M, Short M, Shah K, Nagraj S, Arul S, Parikh D, Jawaheer G. J Pediatr Surg. 2009 Feb;44(2):337-42


The relevance of experimental models of Acute Pancreatitis. Malleo G, Shah KJ, Siriwardena AK. Association of Surgeons in Training (ASIT) Yearbook 2006

Case report

Duodenal Duplication Cyst with profound elevation of intracystic CA 19-9 and CEA levels: A rare but important differential in the diagnosis of Cystic Tumours of the Pancreas. Shah K, Malleo G, Low J, Makin A, Skordillis K, Makin A, Siriwardena AK. JOP. 2006 Mar 9;7(2):200-4 (Journal Of Pancreas).

International – Oral

A prospective Study of Current Practive with Oesophageal Atresia in the United Kingdom A BAPS-CASS study. Shah K, Spark P, Draper L, Johnson P, Knight M, Burge D. BAPS Annual Meeting 2010 Aberdeen, Scotland

International – Poster

Under-detection of Spigelman stage IV polyposis in familial
adenomatous polyposis (FAP) syndrome by application of the St. Mark’s Criteria. Shah K, Darmalingam A, Denley H, Siriwardena AK. AHPBA 2006 Miami, USA.American Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Association (AHPBA) 2006 Annual Meeting

National – Oral & Posters
More than 25 papers presented at various meetings.

Organising Secretary
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Deccan Course in Paediatric Urology, hosted by the Deccan Chapter of IAPS every alternate year.
  • Live Robotic Demonstration, 22nd September, 2019, Nanavati hospital
  • SPUCON 2018, Society of Paediatric Urology section of IAPS, 8th to 10th June, 2018. Sir J.J. group of hospitals, Mumbai
  • 1st and 2nd, Live Hypospadias Workshop, 2016 and 2017, Sir J.J. group of hospitals, Mumbai.

Dr. Kant Shah regularly operates in remote areas of the country especially districts where there is no Paediatric Surgeon available such as Kutch, Gujarat, and Gadhchiroli, Maharashtra. If you wish to organise a camp in such a district, then please contact us by WhatsApp.